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Speaker at 2012 ACI Bad Faith Litigation Conference

Partner Michael Newman will be a panelist, along with Forrest S. Latta, partner, Burr & Forman LLP, at the 2012 ACI Bad Faith Litigation Conference (November 28-29, 2012 | Orlando, FL).

Michael and Forrest will speak on: Mitigating the Potential for Punitive Damages and Responding to Punitive Damage Claims When They Arise.

  • Recent punitive damage verdicts and appeals
  • Current federal constitutional limitations on punitive damages
  • State caps and other procedural restrictions on punitive damages: state statutory limitations on punitive damages; state judicial limitations on punitive damages; trends – statutory versus judicial limitations
  • How insurance companies can proactively guard against punitive damages
    • Bad faith cases are statistically the most dangerous (RAND)
    • How to recognize a dangerous bad faith case
    • The emotional and factual drivers common to every bad faith verdict
    • Procedural pitfalls to be avoided in defending punitive claims
    • Early motions and discovery in preventing the punitive award
    • Discoverability of the insurer’s fi nancial statements and other intrusive requests
    • Strategies for keeping punitive damage claims from reaching the jury
    • Post-verdict strategy for reducing punitive damages
  • Punitive damages in settlement negotiations
    • Should punitive damages be considered in settlement?
    • Evaluating the bad faith punitive damages claim
    • Related conflicts of interest
  • New rules impacting jurisdiction and venue in bad faith cases
    • Why jurisdiction and venue matters in punitive damage cases
    • Recent federal changes under the JVCA
    • How federal removal jurisdiction has expanded

If you would like more information on this presentation, please contact Michael Newman.

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