What Is Pet Insurance? – A Basic Overview

As the name suggests, pet insurance is an insurance policy somebody takes out on his or her pet. Just like medical insurance for people, this policy will help to cover medical costs in case they are needed. This might be due to an accident, or if the pet might have fallen ill.  The policy will cover some (if not all) the cost depending on the nature of the policy.

However, pet insurance isn’t limited to medical cases. There are companies with several options for covering the death of a pet, or when it goes missing. It’s a market that’s rapidly growing and pet owners really appreciate it.

Is Pet Insurance Offered By The Government?

No, the government doesn’t provide pet insurance. Instead, the people who control pet insurance policies and influence the laws regarding these policies are called the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.

As it stands, pet insurance is only offered by private companies.

Who Needs Pet Insurance?

Nobody can deny that the price of a vet can easily equal that of a general MD, and it’s understandable. There are many people who love their pets like family members, and rightfully so. Which also means they only want the best for them if something happens.

Pet insurance makes it more affordable for people to keep their pets in good condition, and it’s incredibly handy in situations when money is very tight.

The Premium Calculation Process

At this point a lot of people are wondering how the premiums are calculated, and it follows pretty much the same formula as traditional calculations. Variables like what type of animal the cover is for, their age and breed, all these things come into account.

As a side-note, pet insurance does extend to various animals, and there are many different policies to choose from. Please be careful when buying pet insurance as their have been companies that needed criminal defense against insurance fraud. When in doubt ask your friends and family if they have gotten pet insurance companies.