Weird Insurance Policies That Shouldn’t Exist

The insurance industry is considered absolutely necessary by most people (and especially by politicians). The fact is, most people realize that changing the very nature of how our country’s leaders approach human rights would reduce or eliminate the need for private insurance. That means insurance companies spend a lot of their time on defense, avoiding the image that their companies exist only to take advantage of people.

Well, some of the weirder, more obscure insurance policies make it hard for them to do that.

Take, for instance, alien abduction insurance. Are you worried about being taken off into space? No worries! You can absolutely find coverage (if you happen to live in the United Kingdom), where insurance providers have sold an awe-inspiring 30,000 premiums. And they’re not cheap, either. You’ll be paying to the tune of $150 a month for extraterrestrial protection.

Have you ever entered a lottery pool? Usually, these are made up of employees who decide to play the lottery together — once a week, once a month, whatever. If you’re a business owner worried that your employees might hit it big and all quit at once, then guess what — you can take out lottery insurance to protect your business from those inevitable financial losses.

You know how they say you should have sexual intercourse if you’re not ready to be a parent? Sometimes, they recognize that you’re not mature enough. Other times they recognize that you simply don’t have the money. That’s where multiple birth insurance comes into play. Maybe you can afford a single child — but not two, or three or four. Don’t worry. You’re covered depending on the extra costs of an unexpected child.

Have you ever heard of body part insurance? Bruce Springsteen insured his voice for a whopping $6 million. Other celebrities have insured different body parts for millions of dollars to protect themselves from the dangers of a normal, mundane life (without riches).