What To Know About The Affordable Care Act In 2022

Shopping for health insurance on the Obamacare marketplace in 2022? There are a few changes to the law you might want to know about. First, most healthcare options became cheaper once the marketplace opened back up for business when President Biden took office. Those cheaper options are still available through next year — and more than likely, the savings will continue over time.

No matter what kind of plan you choose, ensure that it is an ACA-compliant plan. Those that are not do not offer the same protections. ACA-compliant plans offer the “10 essential health benefits.” These include many preventative practices and coverage for new parents. 

Another thing to keep in mind? There are many copycat websites trying to take advantage of new enrollees in order to steal sensitive information like date of birth and social security number. This allows them to take a person’s identity or hack into bank accounts. Be sure that you’re on the right website!

Before selecting a plan, you will be asked for information such as household income. Make sure  you do the math right because premiums are based on these numbers.

Because the mandate for health insurance was discarded under former president Trump, you don’t need to purchase insurance. But you might want to anyway. Healthcare subsidies are the largest they have ever been and might very well eliminate the cost of purchasing a plan completely. It’s worth the peace of mind.

Don’t worry about the ACA’s future. Many conservative politicians have expressed continued interest in dismantling the law, but even the conservative-dominated Supreme Court has continually discarded these arguments. Most Americans like Obamacare now that we know the conservative scare tactics are nonsense, so the law will be extremely difficult to throw in the trash. And even if it were, you will still have coverage through 2022. Sign up!

You can find additional information on the ACA and available plans at www.healthcare.gov.